Gone is the personal era before anonymous Internet forums and Forest Park clubs, when you could actually see people sharing their thoughts and concerns. Still, the All School Picnic remains a tradition in our small town: educators, students, alumni, parents and businesses convene at the Park. It was refreshing to share fellowship and community last Friday with my Forest Park family.   

Although our community looks different than it did when the picnic originated, this spirited town maintains values of volunteerism, partnerships and cooperation that are still the foundations of our neighborhoods.  As our school administrators endeavor to build trust and respectful connections between staff and teachers, and between schools and the community, I am pleased that we continue to support this special day. Kudos to our educators, our students, our families, our Park District, our Chamber, and to all who contributed to the 2011 All School Picnic and who added to its success.  

Jill Wagner