The Friends of the Forest Park Library were busy, busy last Friday as they sorted through tons of books that were donated to this year’s book sale. The event was a success and everyone is looking forward to the next book sale.

The “Les Filles de Zeno” champion spellers competed again in the annual Spell-A-Thon at Holley Court. Zeno’s “Filles” finished second, but, nonetheless earned a medal and some bragging rights. So, congratulations to the spellers: Marge Zwadlo, Nancy Robinson and Cathy Moran. The word that stumped the “Filles” was “lugubrious” (it means gloomy and mournful, in case you want to use it and impress your friends).

You have to get up before breakfast to get a seat on some of those packed community-center trips; fortunately, there are a few spots left for many of this month’s adventures. But, the mystery trip and the scenic, relaxing journey to Starved Rock are filled up and have extensive waiting lists.

But there are still available spots for a number of trips: Dixieland Banjo Day, on July 20; the Brown Mansion in Chesterton, Ind.; Hackney’s restaurant in Glenview; and West Side Story, which will play at the Cadillac Palace Theatre on August 10. Treat yourself to any of these. The company is always delightful and the food is delicious.

Attention seniors: On July 12, at 1 p.m., there will be a seminar on laws affecting the elderly and those with disabilities. Call (708) 771 7737 to register.

There is a new mystery afoot in the Grace Marsden series, and its author Luisa Buehler will appear at Centuries & Sleuths bookstore, 7419 Madison St., on July 9, at 1 p.m., for a book party. This is supposedly the end of the series. Will loose ends be tied up, or noose ends? For more information you can contact the author at

All St. Bernardine’s graduates should call Sheree Pintozzi at (785) 633-3384 for information about your reunion in Spetember.

Birthdays this week are: Anthony Calderone, Jr.; Lucy Lin; Sadie Bland; Tim Grams; Emily Myint; Carol Ralph; Trevor LaPointe; Artie Gray; Maria Willinger; Ginger McKay; Angela Hodges; Sophia Miller; Jane Hseu; John Mahoney; and John Fabbrini.

Happy anniversary wishes to: Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Chen; Danny and Diane Mohr; Mary Ellen and Dave Dowdle; Jill and Brian Hosty; Jon and Jenny Kuehl; and Payton and Maddux Callies.

And, congratulations to Forest Park Review Editor Nick Moroni, who just earned his Master’s Degree in Journalism from DePaul University!