A waiter at caffe De Luca, 7427 Madison St., was cited for allegedly striking and then hurling a plate at an unruly customer who, according to a police report, was verbally abusive and initiated physical contact with the server because he was dissatisfied with the service.

Albert Salvani, 39, of Burr Ridge, was serving a table where 30-year-old Hinsdale resident Brent Gelbuda was dining. According to witnesses, Gelbuda persistently complained to his fellow diners about the service and poked fun at Salvani’s height and directed derogatory comments at him.

Police and witnesses said that when Gelbuda got up to leave the table, he shoved Salvani, who responded by punching the patron in the left eye and the top of his head. Witnesses reported that Salvani then turned to leave, but picked up a plate and hurled it at Gelbuda. The plate missed Gelbuda and hit another customer instead, who suffered a laceration that was treated by Forest Park Paramedics.

Salvani acknowledged fighting with Gelbuda but denied throwing the plate; he said it fell out of his hands when Gelbuda pushed him.

Neither Salvani nor Gelbuda were arrested; both were given citations. Salvani was cited twice: once for disorderly conduct and another for concealing a knife in his backpack. Gelbuda was written up for assault. 

A manager at caffe De Luca who did not give her name said the matter was “being investigated,” but she did not know of anyone who witnessed the incident. She also said that Salvani no longer works at the restaurant.

Endangering son while trying to fleece K-Mart

A Lombard woman received a felony charge of endangering the life of a child after she allegedly left her son in her car while she was attempting to make a fraudulent return at the local K-Mart on the night of June 13.

According to police, 39-year-old Elizabeth Dominguez reportedly left her 4-year-old asleep in her parked car, while she tried to return a $100 comforter that she had unpackaged while inside the 7630 Roosevelt Road store.

When a store employee refused to take the comforter without a receipt, Dominguez tried to leave the store but was detained by a security guard because she was observed unpacking the item on camera.

When police arrived, and as she was being taken into custody, Dominguez told an officer about her son, who had been left alone in the car for over 30 minutes, based on statements from store security who said Dominguez was in the store for that period of time without the child.

She was allowed to retrieve the child and her sister picked him up from police headquarters.

At the station, Dominguez was slapped with a felony after it was learned that she had been convicted of similar offenses for endangering the life of a healthy child in the Cook County court system. She received two counts for the offense in this instance and was also charged with one count of retail theft. 

Nine revoked license convictions

Police arrested a Calumet City man on the afternoon of June 13 who had already been convicted of driving with a revoked license nine times. He was charged with a felony for allegedly doing so a 10th time.

Authorities initially gave chase to 45-year-old Emanuel Bentley after Ultra Foods security called police to report that a thief matching Bentley’s description had just left the store’s 7520 Roosevelt Road parking lot.

Officers gave chase to Bentley’s grey Chevy Monte Carlo, which sped down Roosevelt 15 mph over the limit, until it was pulled over near the 9th Avenue intersection.

Bentley was arrested on the spot, but no evidence of stolen merchandise was found in his car. At the station, police discovered that Bentley’s license has been suspended and revoked for two DUI convictions, and, since then, he has also received the nine convictions for driving with a revoked license.

As a result, he was charged with aggravated driving with a revoked license, a felony.

Couple exchanges blows in escalating argument

A couple arguing on the morning of June 19 over the financial welfare of their child eventually became involved in a physical altercation when the bickering grew to fisticuffs.

Lauren Croswell, 22, of Chicago, allegedly grabbed his girlfriend, the mother of his child, by the throat and punched her after she reportedly persisted in demanding that he give her money for their child.

Croswell had spent the night with the woman and was trying to leave her Forest Park residence, but she reportedly followed him out the door and continued to demand money, which Croswell claimed he didn’t have. At one point the woman went to reach into Croswell’s pocket and he swatted her hand away. Following this, the woman struck Croswell in the head with her keys.

She continued to follow him as he was walking away until, several witnesses said, he grabbed the woman by the throat and punched her with his closed fist.

Croswell was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between June 13 and June 19, and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not been adjudicated.

 -Compiled by Nick Moroni