While it is our intent to put the issue with Mark Hosty to rest, we feel it imperative to set the record straight and make one final response to Mark Hosty’s initial statement in the Forest Park Review article that “There was no desire to settle the case until the election was over…” and his further statement that our request was not “reasonable.”  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

On May 20, 2009, Mark Hosty accused us of stalking (a very serious criminal accusation.)  We felt it essential to clear our names.  Within three weeks (early June 2009), our attorney corresponded with Mark Hosty, amicably seeking only a public retraction and apology, no monetary damages.  In early July, 2009, follow up was made with an attorney representing Mark Hosty, reiterating the same conditions.  We received no response.  In early October, 2009, yet one more attempt was made to resolve prior to proceeding with litigation. Mr. Hosty received a copy of the complaint that would be filed if we could not resolve the issue.  No response.  The litigation was filed. 

Subsequent to filing the lawsuit, we made further attempts to settle the matter, both in late April 2010 and in late September 2010. At least five formal attempts were made to resolve the matter, all before the April 2011 election. Our efforts were futile.  Two more attempts were made after the election, the final one in June, 2011, which settled the case.  Seven attempts in total, all initiated by us. 

We chose to resolve this matter for no money.  Through the depositions, we finally obtained what we sought.  Two years later, the end.

Gloria Backman and Amanda O’Connor