Police arrested a Bloomingdale man and his Chicago-based drug dealer, after one attempted to buy heroin from the other in the parking lot of a local gas station on the afternoon of June 28.

An officer conducting surveillance near Thornton’s gas station, at 601 Harlem Ave., spotted 23-year-old Jonathon Kosloske throw a cigarette box with $500 in cash inside a car that was being driven by 37-year-old Dwight Warren, who pulled his car next to Kosloske’s, then threw a bag that, police say, contained an “off-white, powdery” substance. That substance was 20 grams of heroin.

The reporting officer curbed Kosloske as he was leaving the station, and an assisting officer stopped Warren. Kosloske admitted to having the heroin and he was taken into custody.

When Warren was stopped, it was learned that he was driving on a suspended license, so he, too, was arrested. Wright also told an officer on-scene that he had $800 on him, but he would not submit to an interview at headquarters.

Kosloske, on the other hand, said he usually purchases heroin from Warren, whom he knows as “J”, or from another individual named “Mike.” The suspect said the 20 grams was intended to last a week.

Kosloske was charged with possessing a controlled substance and failure to signal. Warren received charges for delivering with intent to deal 30 grams or less, possessing a controlled substance, driving with a suspended license, failure to signal, and an equipment violation. 


Wanted for battery, found cruising

Joseph Mangiapane, 43, of Berwyn, was arrested on the morning of June 25 after police learned there was an arrest warrant out of Cook County for battery.

The reporting officer pulled Mangiapane over on Roosevelt Road near Lathrop Road after checking the vehicle’s registration, then running his name through a police database and learning he was wanted out of Cook County.

Taken into custody, he is currently being held on $25,000 bail at Cook County Jail.  


Caught stealing, chased down

A Melrose Park man was arrested on the night of June 27 after he tried to steal roughly $200 of merchandise from the local CVS, then attempted to flee when security moved to apprehend him.

Twenty-seven-year-old Carlos Reyes stuffed his pockets with $245.04 of unspecified merchandise and tried to leave the 7216 Circle Ave. store, but security caught up with him at the door. The report also states he fled on foot, until police caught up with him.

Reyes was taken to headquarters where he was charged with retail theft.

These items were obtained from the records filed by the Forest Park Police Department, June 25-30, and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Unless otherwise indicated, anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. These cases have not been adjudicated.

-Compiled by Nick Moroni