Belated happy birthday wishes to Uli Leib who, along with her husband Rich, celebrate the occasion each year by holding a block party complete with professional musicians, friends, relatives, pizza, and just about everything you can think of to make a successful party. Parents who bring kids should be aware that the children might want to become musicians after the experience. There were several Forest Park guests on hand, and friends came from as far as Deerfield and Carol Stream. Even the weatherman cooperated by calling of all thunderstorms and making it a pleasant evening.

Did your anxious dog try the Thundershirt yet? It’s pretty effective, especially with some tranquilizer pills.

Jimmy Cavanaugh is celebrating this week. It’s the end of his 38 days of radiation treatment at Hines. When Jimmy’s friend, Frank Nee, found out Jimmy was taking the bus to Hines every morning, Frank insisted on picking him up and taking him there. So, every morning, for more than a month, Frank his picked his buddy Jimmy up at 6:30 a.m., and spent the next two hours with him at Hines. Jimmy’s friend Larry is also a good morale booster, from what I hear. Good Luck, Jimmy, and a speedy recovery.

Remember that the St. Bernardine’s reunion is on Sept. 10; and this time I’ve got Sheree Pintozzi Bredow’s real phone number – I hope. It’s 785 633 3384. She lives in Kansas now, but can set you up with tickets, which cost $40. It’ll be held at Fearon Hall.

The much anticipated pancake breakfast at First United had to be cancelled on Saturday because of flooding. Pastor Dean Kucera said the breakfast will be held on another day, and added that he’d be delighted to see you at any Sunday morning service. They start at 10 a.m., and the church is located at 1100 Elgin Ave.

Rick Krieger started working for ComEd at the right time. Due to the crazy weather, he’s been working over 60 hours per week.

Congratulations to St. Joe’s freshman Robert Dwyer, who spent the summer mowing lawns and helping neighbors wherever he’s needed. Rob has earned more than $80 in spending money.

Those celebrating birthdays this week include: Kathy Huebner, Eric H. Neubeiser, Joan Bigos, Laurie Falbo, Enrico Granados, Brett McNeill, Hope Simon, Brent Marler, Debbie Wall, Heather Byrnes, Cecilia Rossi, Dan Veske, Angelina Giuliani, Karen Stuart, Kelly Rice, Debbie Espinoza, Kelly Crawford, Jon Scheiwe, Chris Behnke, Kathleen Marie Lane, Marie Gianelli, Madeline Kochman, Dyone Scheiwe, Cali Carlson.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.