When Steve Glinke took charge of our Building Department a couple of years ago, he inherited a department in need of a rehab. Ten years of housing boom had morphed into the present housing bust and our two-flats had their legal rights (mostly) reinstated. Different times, indeed.

So, I thought we’d be interested in the problems the department now faces and what tools they’re using to solve them. Glinke took me on a driving tour of the problem properties/areas and promised it would be “eye-opening.”

For our on-the-record sit down, I requested Glinke focus on residential concerns, identify both long-standing and new problems, explain/defend the plan of attack, and let us (residents) know how we can help.

Here’s what Glinke had to say:


Note: Glinke has not been granted permission from the Mayor’s Office of Public Affairs to speak to the press about his department’s problems and or solutions – since July 21.

Off-the-record: Glinke says our multi-housing cop, Mike O’Connor, is doing a bang-up job. We’ll explore that story, and Neighborhood Watch, in the very near future.