The Proviso District 209 school board passed its $71 million tentative budget for fiscal year 2012 at its Aug. 8 meeting, but all the officials present concurred that swift action needs to be taken to balance it.

Based on the projected revenues and expenditures included in the preliminary calculations, D209 would face a $1.4 million deficit at the end of FY’12.

After the tentative budget was approved, School Board President Chris Welch reminded his colleagues that the board has 30 days to trim fat from the preliminary document so it can craft a balanced budget next month.

D209 is also required to do this based on a resolution it passed in 2007 that mandates the crafting of balanced budgets at the outset of each fiscal year.

“We need to get this budget balanced so we are in accordance with the policy,” Welch said.

-Nick Moroni