Although he has not officially declared his candidacy, Commissioner Rory Hoskins appears to be gearing up to run for the state’s 7th District house seat in 2012.

If he were to win the seat, and right now that’s still a big if, he’d represent the majority of Forest Park in the Illinois House of Representatives. That said, Hoskins’ current colleagues on the village board would need to establish a communicative relationship with him. After all, they’d need to work with him on important things – like finding state money.

Sounds sensible and easy enough, but communication is not part of the dynamic between Hoskins and at least two village board members – Commissioner Mark Hosty and Mayor Anthony Calderone.

Hosty is a four-term commissioner. He’s seen his fair share of council wars, and has been embroiled in a number of political battles. What’s more, he’s gone toe-to-toe with Hoskins before, and it’s well-known that the two are less than cordial.

But Hosty recently said that a relationship with the 7th District state rep is a “must.” Translation: Hosty will bury the hatchet with Hoskins if Hoskins is elected state rep. We’re not sure if Calderone, Hosty’s brother in arms, feels the same way, but Calderone’s been in politics long enough to know which relationships are important.

We’re enthusiastic about Hosty’s willingness to lay down arms if Hoskins becomes state rep. But why can’t these two make peace as colleagues on the village council?

It’s a “must” for local government to have a working relationship with its state representatives, but it’s also important for board members to work communicatively when it comes to village business.


Flood seminar a good step

We’d like to applaud the village for taking the proactive step of scheduling a flood prevention seminar on Aug. 27, following a suggestion from Commissioner Tom Mannix. It’s a small measure, but it demonstrates that the village is not simply turning a blind eye to the glaring problem that is its dated sewer system.

The village has recruited several flood prevention “professionals,” as Mayor Anthony Calderone called them, to speak about methods residents can employ to prevent water from entering their homes. Slated presenters include employees from Schauer Hardware and McAdam Landscaping, as well as a representative from American Family Insurance. 

The presentation comes on the heels of the month of July, during which Forest Park and the rest of Chicagoland was pounded with near-record rainfall.

But, Calderone reminded the audience when he officially announced the event, it’s “not a one-stop fix-all.”

Regardless, it’s a step in the right direction, and we’re glad that the village is at least taking a small stride to address what has become a serious issue it can’t afford to ignore.