Forest Park’s District 91 schools announced, at its Oct. 13 board meeting, the estimated tax levy for 2011 based on a calculated formula it applies to determine how much local property tax revenue it can access.

The estimated levy comes out to roughly $14.3 million and at least one board member, Joan White, expressed concern with that figure. 

“I think we can do better by the taxpayers,” White told D91 Assistant Superintendent Ed Brophy, who presented the figure at the meeting. “I opened my tax bills and 40 percent was going to District 91.”

White pointed to the district’s strong financial reserves – roughly $20 million in the bank – to support her argument.

“I want it [levy] flatter,” she said.

Brophy told board members that he was actually presenting a lower estimate, based on D91’s needs. He also said that $14.3 million is 1.56 percent higher than the $14.1 million the district asked for last year.

It is important to keep in mind that this is only an estimate, said Brophy. A final figure will be adopted in December, and the levy could change.

“We may lower that figure even further,” Brophy said.