The late Judge Jim O’Malley was honored with a memorial sign in his name, during a dedication ceremony at St. Bernardine School, on Sunday, Oct. 23. O’Malley was deeply involved with the church and the school, where both of his children went. What’s more, he was integral in founding the annual Game Day fundraiser, nearly 20 years ago. The event is held whenever the Bears play the Green Bay Packers and funds go to St. Bernardine. In the spirit of the tradition, Sunday’s ceremony included both a Mass and a party, as folks gathered to watch the Bears beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. During his life, O’Malley served as a judge in the 5th Municipal District of the Cook County Circuit Court. Gerald Lordan, now at Fenwick, was the principal at St. Bernardine when O’Malley’s kids went there. He described O’Malley as a “warm, sincere, loving individual.”

O’Malley died in 2008, at age 53.  

-Nick Moroni