In Dog Story #1, a wandering pup was found by two other dogs that had dug an escape from their yard. They all played joyfully while the two dogs’ owners called the police, to find out who owned the wanderer. The friendly little guy had no identification tag and no chip, and no one had ever seen him before. 

There is a happy ending, though. Fortunately, the wanderer’s owner was located and they were reunited.

In Dog Story #2, Roxy, Donna Eggars’ four-legged assistant at Sharon O’Shea’s law offices, skittered away after someone went out and left the door open. Naturally, Donna went berserk and ran into the cold (with no coat) after him. Sharon jumped into her car and drove all over looking for him. Finally, somewhere in the middle of the 400 block of Ferdinand, the little imp stopped and an alert citizen picked it up and brought it back where it belonged. 

Seen here is the rock star of Forest Park’s Library, Mr. “Rock” Pruitt.  Mr. Pruitt has quite a history: he worked at IBM for many years, after serving in the Navy.  And Rock is willing to help anyone with computer problems, and will probably be getting his Master’s degree in computer programming pretty soon.   

Whenever you see George Rico, you can be pretty sure there will be a piano somewhere nearby. In the picture to the below, he’s at Triton, accompanying the senior chorus. George’s sister, Elena Rico, conducts the senior chorus at Triton.  Virginia Fitzgerald and Jack Keefe are two Forest Parkers who sing with the group.  You are invited to come and see them perform any Thursday, at 11 a.m., and sing along just for the fun of it.  No auditions or previous experience is necessary.

Sympathy to the family of Joanne Jantz; Joane recently died after a lingering illness.  Joanne’s daughters, Corinna and Loretta, gave their mother the most loving care possible all her life, but especially in the twilight of her life. Another sister, Cornelia, came from Texas to help out for a few weeks along with Joanne’s granddaughter, Melissa.  Other grandchildren are Jason and Eric. They are a remarkable family.

Those celebrating birthdays this week include: Andy Thiesse, Mark Conway, Anita D’Souza, Janet Todd, Bradley Drane, Max Trage, Mark Hosty, Jane Lentini, Sandy Riley, Ellie Drane, Danielle Sullivan, Louise Doughs, Derek Miranda, Paula Diverde, Scott McAdam, Honor Millett,  Jennifer Mendenhall, Jacqueline Neubeiser, Eric Bothe, Elizabeth Kachlic, Rebecca Borzello, Daniel Leisten, Michael Mayman, Cara White, Carol Jargstorf. Sorry we missed Richie Cassiani’s Nov. 8 birthday.

Gloria and Steve Bachman, have a happy wedding anniversary.

Thanks for your time.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life’s other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side of Chicago in a great neighborhood when it was a great time to be young.