The board also received a copy of guidelines for the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. by teachers and staff. As the school district expands its digital presence, social media will be more prominent, said District 91Supt. Louis Cavallo.

Teacher guidelines presented to the board were: Teachers must adhere at all times to “high standards for appropriate school relationships.” District employees and teachers are discouraged from posting inappropriate images or private information about themselves in formats accessible to students and other employees.

Teachers and staff must use district-provided email or social media when communicating with students or parents/guardians. The use of social media and internet access must not interfere with job performance. Images and information about students and district employees may not be posted without proper approval. Use of district-owned social media access for personal use may only be outside of school hours. The board is not responsible for filtering inappropriate content that may be visible by students or other staff members.

Cavallo said the policies will be introduced during an in-service meeting on educator ethics. Principals will be encouraged to remind teachers yearly of the social media policy.