It’s a grandson for Phil and Judy Jilek of Circle Avenue and Rich and Chris Wiess of Elk Grove Village. Proud parents of baby Everett Aiden Wiess, born on Dec. 9, are Debbie and Rich Weiss of Romeoville. Congratulations to all the Jileks and Weisses.

The first snowball of the season was thrown by (of course) Richie Cassiani at his cousin, Frankie Cassiani. Crossing guard Cathi Thompson discreetly held up her stop sign so as not to witness the offense. But Richie was given a stern lecture on how this first snowball gets a pass, but never again.

Welcome back to Forest Park after about a 10-year absence to Beth and Honor Apilado. They liked living in Texas, but missed us and especially missed their two grandsons, Julian and Lucas. The Apilados weren’t in their new apartment 24 hours before Honor was busy bedecking the yard in colored Christmas lights, brightening the whole neighborhood.

Jan. 10 is the date for the non-fiction reading group discussion at the Forest Park Public Library. This month’s selection is Believing is Seeing, observations on the mysteries of photography by Earl Morris. If the nature of truth in photography interests you, you may want to pick up a copy of Morris’ book and prepare for the Jan. 10 discussion.

Always at your service, the library is also offering “Bridge for Beginners” the third Tuesday of each month. Play begins at 7 p.m. and snacks will be provided. You’re welcome to bring a partner along.

Birthday greetings this week to Steven Rozmus, Andene Maughn, Peyton Brown, Harry Holmberg, Aris Gianokopoulis, Dan Barron, Adam Ritter, Sue Stanton, Bill Hopp, Amanda Rychtanek, Tim Flanagan, and Irene O’Shea.

The annual Christmas bird count begins today, Dec.14. Tens of thousands of bird watchers will email their findings to Want to join them?

Dates to remember: On the 14th, Roald Amundsen and his four companions, along with 52 sled dogs, discovered the South Pole. The 15th of December marks Bill of Rights Day, the anniversary of the premiere of Gone With the Wind in 1939, and Beethoven’s birthday. The Posadas celebration begins in Mexico on the 16th; on the 17th, the Aztec (stone) calendar was discovered in 1479; Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was published in 1843; The Simpsons premiered in 1989; the Saturnalia feast from ancient Rome began (later it became Christmas); and the Wright Brothers’ first flight occurred on the 17th in 1903 near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

A very warm welcome to our new editor, Jean Lotus. Jean is a local girl who has been busy the last many years raising a family. Everyone is happy to have her here at the Review, and we look forward to working with and getting to know her.