Things do get a bit chaotic this time of year. But when tragedy strikes, it is especially painful. Sincere sympathy to the Huebner/Nutley families on the untimely death of young John Huebner. There are many monuments to his memory in the many things he built and remodeled during his short time on earth.

On a brighter note, Denny Moran was this year’s recipient of the Ed O’Shea Award at last week’s Christmas Kiwanis dinner. Denny’s wife, Kathy, and all the grandkids were on hand to help him enjoy the honor. His delighted grandchildren are Tommie, Shannon and twins Danny and Maeve. Denny has been at the corner of Desplaines & Randolph since 1965! The Kiwanians said good-bye to Jerry Lordan who retired as president and hello to new president Mary Wynn O’Connor. (Shown with Denny are Andy Collis, recipient of last year’s Ed O’Shea Award and retiring president Jerry Lordan.)

Don’t miss the corner of Lehmer and Hannah this Christmas. There you’ll see Santa waving a friendly hello to all passersby, as well as friendly penguins keeping warm in brightly colored scarves, giving sled rides to younger penguins, everyone having a jolly holiday. The architects of this happy scene are Ed Goodwin and Mike Becker, really good neighbors.

For a novel way to celebrate the season, you may want to try out “Sweet Treats,” the winter version of Rickshaw Rick. Sweet Treats will take you to many local sweet shops around Forest Park and environs. You’ll ride in a unique covered carriage and be rewarded with a few surprises. Just call 773-771-3922 for reservations and/or information.

Birthday greetings for this week: Diana Dylewski, Scott Popelka, Kaylee Ross, Angelina Cote, Jennifer Vince, John Paul Miceli, Peggy Madden, and Angel D’Souza.

Word of Millie Mango has reached us after nearly two years of not knowing her whereabouts. Millie was 90 years old in September. She is still alive, suffering from Alzheimer’s and living in California with a daughter. Millie was a dear neighbor and friend to all who knew her. We’re happy to know she is still among us.

Merry Christmas to all.