Congratulations to Michael Branda, son of Linda Branda. Michael made the Dean’s List at Marquette University two years in a row! Modesty kept his mother from bragging the first year, but two years was just too much to keep quiet about. Michael is a product of our elementary schools, middle school and Walther Lutheran High School. We are all proud of Michael Branda.

And North Central College sent this correction: It’s Christine Huebner of Forest Park who made the honor roll at the Naperville institution. They gave us the wrong last name. Congratulations to the real Christine!

Rich Krieger not only gained a puppy at Christmas, he will soon have gained a son-in-law. Meghan Krieger and Eric Vincent officially became engaged during the Christmas holidays. Meghan is the daughter of Rosemary and Richard Krieger and the sister of Rick Krieger. Eric is a high school music teacher in Boston, Mass. Among his duties as music director is figuring out the logistics of the marching band at halftime. No date has been set for the wedding.

New Year’s Eve may seem like ancient history now, but huge enthusiastic thank-yous are in order for the committee and all involved in producing that excellent event. So thank you to Brenda Powers, Bridget Dowdle, Diana Dylewski, Jessica Dylewski, Cara Malone, Meghan Dowdle, Kendrick Jones, Lorenzo Williams, Brian Powers, Dylan Ryan, Sarah Kane, Catherine Barry, Nicole Petry, Ana Labadessa, Rich Barger, Terry Meffley, and Denise Murray. Matt Dowdle and Steve Kynsch also worked hard but are not pictured. Chris Cody and Steve Scott have been mentioned elsewhere. Any errors in spelling are mine, not Bridget Dowdle’s, who graciously gave me these names.

Terry Meffley is very excited about the year’s Wednesday trips. Many of the local organizations that used to sponsor trips have abandoned the idea because of high costs, lack of interest, etc. But our Terry carries on fearlessly with the help of our able and dedicated driver, Carol. So here’s a hint: Get your list of trips at the Forest Park Community Center or the Forest Park Public Library, the first week in February, for the March-April trips. Don’t be left tearfully standing at the door of the community center while the revelers take off joyfully for a wonderful day.

Birthdays for the week of Jan. 11-18 are Victoria Burdett, Linda Burssey, Nancy Blum, Ryan Farrell, Ellen Krupa, Mary Fabbrini, Martha Lichtenberg, John Gillian, Timothy X. Lane, Sue Bracker, Erika Goodman, Sean Goodman, Rajiv Hirandandi, Mary Virginia Sedlack, Michael Bjornson, James Nackey, Holly Ann Fjeldtad, Colleen Nee, Elyse O’Connell, Eunice Blazek, Tom Dazel, Lauren Pardun, Bob Kurash, Judy Baar Topinka, Carolina Rose Glinke, Joan Steinbach, Janet Fabiani, Margaret Flanagan, Daneil Mondragon, Marge Zwadlo, Judy Daniels, Dan Olson, Kirk Oliver, and KaitlynTrage.

Congratulations to Erika Goodman who is no longer with Wednesday Journal, Inc. (the Review’s parent company) but has gone on to great heights with Mary Kay Cosmetics. I just learned that she has earned her second car!