Congressman Danny Davis (D-7th) and State Rep. Karen Yarbrough (D, 7th IL), both turned up Sunday as Rory Hoskins, Forest Park’s very own, opened a local campaign office. Hoskins, a village commissioner, has his sights set on Yarbrough’s current post as state representative. Yarbrough, of course, has her sights set on another office, this one countywide.

Davis directed some kind words to those assembled on Hoskins’ behalf. Yarbrough, for her part, had previously blessed the decision of her longtime campaign aide, Larry Shapiro, to serve in a similar capacity for Hoskins.

But remember, neither Davis nor Yarbrough is currently endorsing Hoskins. They’re just being extremely friendly.

On a still more local level, we report in today’s news pages which village, school and park officials turned out at Hoskins’ soiree. We’ll leave it to our keen-eyed readers to figure out who was not in attendance.

For his part, Chris Welch, Hoskins’ main opponent in the March Democratic primary, picked up Linda Tyson, a Forest Parker and a former Yarbrough supporter, for his side.

It all makes for interesting politics.