OK, now we’re really interested in Commissioner Chris Harris’ Feb. 23 town hall meeting to discuss the future of the village-owned property adjacent to the Altenheim. That’s because the head of Fenwick’s development department confirmed to us this week both that the school is “very interested” in buying the multi-acre parcel and that it does, in fact, want to build some sort of sports stadium on the site, or a portion of the site.

This then is the moment for a public discussion of this vital property. Details, please. How much of the site would be given over to a stadium? How much to parking? What restrictions would be put on the lights? Are there traffic plans? Any room left for Forest Parkers to have access for recreation? How much might the school pay?

These are all fair questions and the public has the right to understand the issues before a small handful of village officials make a final deal. We look forward to your presentation, Mayor Calderone.