After reading the Forest Park Review’s Editorial from February 1, 2012 we thought it was necessary to clarify some portions of the column.

The Historical Society is not fragile as was stated. In fact we are strong and united in our mission and while our financial situation is not as good as we would like, it is not as dire as the opinion made it sound. We do have some capital and our plans are to build upon our financial resources to acquire a permanent home. 

It should also be noted that we haven’t officially communicated with the Village yet to discuss the 512 Desplaines opportunity face to face.  For all we know the Village may be inclined to rehab the building and engage in a long-term lease agreement with us.  We intend to arrange a meeting soon to discuss any and all possibilities and until then jumping to conclusions is premature. 

We are grateful to Mayor Calderone and the Village Commissioners for supporting our organization and keeping our needs in mind as the future unfolds.  We are also grateful to the Forest Park Review for their on-going promotion of our mission.

Lastly, Forest Park residents will soon receive an invitation to give a donation to the Historical Society.  This invitation is being included in the vehicle sticker renewal notices coming from the Village.  It is another example of the Village helping the Historical Society.  Donations received will go toward our capital funding campaign for a home. We do understand that this is a lofty goal but we recall a quote from urban planner Daniel Burnham who said “Make no small plans. They have no magic to stir men’s souls.”  Good advice from a great mind — so we will continue to plan big.   

Historical Society of Forest Park Board of Directors