The Village of Forest Park received $750,000 from the Illinois “IKE” Disaster Recovery Program for sewer work in the area bounded by Madison Street, Desplaines Avenue, Circle Avenue and Jackson Boulevard. The grants were issued through the Community Development Block Grant program and Forest Park received the maximum allowable, said Village Administrator Tim Gillian. “This grant is in response to flooding that happened in 2008,” he said.

“Over the winter we’ve been determining the course for repairs in the CDBG area,” said Gillian. “Some sewers will get relined. Other spots will be repaired.” Gillian says the village will hire contractors to line leaky pipes with special tubing. Gillian also said the lines were filmed with special industrial cameras, different than the smaller cameras the village bought last year. The work is being done by National Power Rodding in Chicago.

The village is working to patch and repair sewers as they can, he said. “Can $750,000 do much? It’s a good start.” An entire sewer overhaul would cost $60 – $80 million, said Gillian. “Like many municipalities in the area our storm water and sanitary water run in the same lines. When it’s possible we want to separate those so each goes to a different spot. That would help with any kind of a big rain.” Gillian said if any funds are left over from the grant money, they will be put toward separating the two systems.

Gillian also said that the village responds to sewer line problems anywhere in town. “When there’s a complaint, we absolutely go out and take care of that right away. With our jetting and our [smaller] camera.”