Are you ready for the parade this Saturday? Mr. Callahan is. Last year’s hat is all shined up and he’s ready to go. Go home, that is. Callahan does not like loud noises. But he wants you to go ahead and enjoy the day.

All their friends are happy for Jennifer Garrity and her fiance, John DeMoraes. Jennifer and John will be married, Oct. 20, at Ascension Church. You have seen Jennifer at the cash register at Schauer’s Hardware; John is with Dahton Display in Broadview.

Bill McKenzie had an exciting weekend. He was assisting at the March 3 first birthday of grandson Logan Ellickson. Also in on the fun was Logan’s big brother, Luke. Great-grandma Marilyn McKenzie has been there, done all that many times.

Now for something completely different! What do you get when you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its radius? Pumpkin Pi! March 14 is Pi Day. Celebrate any way you see fit.

Sorry if you missed the Boy Scouts pancake breakfast last Saturday. Peggy O’Rourke was served by Omar Shariff (really Elshareif). Now I’ll bet you’re sorry you didn’t get there. Several years ago, I met Myrna Loy walking down Ferdinand Avenue. I got quite a few calls on that one (Myrna Loy turned out to be a friendly cat).

We’ll miss Kate Crofford from Briolette Beads and More when she moves away from Chicago at the end of March. Till then, she’s designing a series of free lessons to leave Forest Parkers with more beading skills and good memories.

Congratulations to George Martin who was named to the honor roll at the University of Kansas.

Sorry for more sad news: Loretta Woeltje has been mentioned the past few weeks. Now her friend, Karen Neumann, tells us Loretta died this week. Arrangements for a graveside service are not complete. Sympathy to Loretta’s many friends and niece, Jane Grover, and most especially to her faithful dog, Katie, who is getting lots of loving care with Jane and Jane’s friendly dog. Katie has been sleeping on one of Loretta’s nightgowns for comfort.

If you’d like to lend a little support to the Symphony of Oak Park-River Forest, you might want to save a spot at Deedee and Edee’s on April 12. A special fashion show with refreshments is planned. Call ahead for reservations, 209-1448 or

Birthdays this week: Ed Martinski, Bridget Garlish, Scott Novak, Angela Fink, Dorothy Olson, Logan Kantzler, Melissa Dodge, Matt Stefl, Julie Doloszycki, Kelli Haukedahl, Loretta Jantz, Ruth Lussow, Seth Stern, Margie Neff, Paul Gustafson, Ava Lin Scollard, Connor Grimes, Davion Barr, Terry Meffley, Geri Leninger, Sharon Beazley, Ted Fox, and Tom Pingel. Happy anniversary to Jodi and Peter Gianakopoulos, Rosemary and Rich Krieger and Fritz and Susanne Kloess.