Dempsey breaks the mold of the stereotype of current politicians made up of attorneys, aldermen and committeemen. Princess C. Dempsey is your next door neighbor whose kids attend the public schools our tax dollars support. Dempsey is an entrepreneur who understands the needs of the small businesses and the concerns of all consumers. She represents the people and plans to fight for the people as the next State Representative of the 7th District. Princess Dempsey is the only candidate who speaks out for the community and gives back to the community. All the candidates in the race want to raise the taxes, but Princess Dempsey wants to fight tax increases. Princess Dempsey wants to eliminate the political influence in the hiring process that has obstructed the efficiency of state government and strained the morale of state employees. We can no longer continue to elect people who have failed us in the past under the wrong leadership. Princess Dempsey is what is needed for the community at this time.

Edwin Perkins,
Trustee, Village of Maywood