I’m really concerned about Rory Hoskin’s flyer that went into residents’ mail boxes. While I am not a fan of Emanuel Welch, the information on there was incorrect and/or very outdated material. For example, [Welch’s brother] Billy Welch is making over $50,000, not $46,000. Welch’s legal bills have cost $51,000 not $40,000. The same information was on a Karen Yarbrough flyer when she ran against Emanuel Welch.

Hoskins failed to mention a Don Williams lawsuit in the amount of $51,566.45 paid to current State Representative Karen Yarbrough’s father. Hoskins failed to mention that 19 employees of District 209 are friends and relatives under Welch’s leadership. He has also failed to tell you Welch’s contract or broker of insurance is leading to Yarbrough’s family.

Rory Hoskins’ leadership has failed the resident voter, but he wants to go to Springfield. So who would be really down there to represent the people? I don’t know Rory Hoskins, but I do think he is a nice person. My fear with Rory Hoskins is he doesn’t know my district. He does know Forest Park very well, but the 7th District is made up of more than Forest Park.

The district deserves better government. Princess Dempsey is someone who is willing to be full-time for the people. She is against any tax increase. She believes in term-limits so that we can have a more transparent government. As the next state representative, I believe in getting the taxpayer involved.

It’s amazing how Karen Yarbrough’s candidates are now fighting but she is helping to destroy one of them. My question to Karen Yarbough: Since they both are from her organization, why didn’t she pick one of them? Why, for the last few years, has she not paid rent to her Broadview office but has been there for free on taxpayers dime? Why hasn’t Karen Yarbrough ever held a town hall meeting regarding new or pending laws within the 7th District?

Princess Dempsey is the only candidate that has the solution for real job creation, by giving business owners tax incentives within our district. Princess Demspey is currently serving on Lindop 92 school board, where we received a $20,000 grant for a computer lab. I’m looking for all the schools in the districts to have that.

Rory Hoskins just doesn’t know our district so how can he honestly represent the district? I’m a product of District 88 and District 209. I know my district. We have 60 schools in my district, 117 churches in the district, 4,559 business in my district. I, Princess Dempsey, will be best to give service to our district in Springfield. The 7th District taxpayers deserve better government.

I question the Chicago Tribune comment ‘Hoskins strikes us as an ethical leader and a quick study who’s not afraid to think for himself.’ It’s obvious, the Yarbroughs are doing all the thinking here.

Princess C. Dempsey
Candidate, 7th District