We’re glad any time Forest Park puts a proper name on one of the squares of park land set out about the village. We’ve long thought it odd that a town as respectful of its heritage as Forest Park has had no more imagination than labeling the park, “The Park.”

The village-owned parcels of open space haven’t fared much better until now. As of Monday night’s village council meeting, the casually known as North Park at Circle and Randolph has been rechristened “Remembrance Park.” The site of the early police, fire and village hall from 1915 until 1975, the corner will now honor the four men who have died in police and fire service to the village over the decades. Specifically, Remembrance Park will be dedicated to Officer Edward Pflaume. Lt. Herman Ziebell, Officer Michael Caulfield and Fire Department Captain Frank Schnurstein.

We hope and pray that it is just these four local heroes who will be remembered at this historic corner.