LaVeena Melhoff celebrated her 90th birthday in style. Her friends, Cindy and Mark Waldron reserved the First Baptist Church of Forest Park and invited many of her friends to share in the celebration. LaVeena has been a resident of Forest Park and a member of that church for most of her life. That birthday cake looks like a giant birthday present.

Congratulations to Forest Park’s greatest hockey player, Nick Fabrini! Nick has been selected to take the helm of the Illini Hockey Club starting with the 2012-2013 season. Nick started playing hockey when he was 6 years old at the Franklin Park Ice Arena. He played hockey at Fenwick with the Friars when they won the state championship in 2003 and 2004. After graduating from Fenwick, Nick attended University of Illinois and played forward for the Illini Hockey Club for four years. He made an impressive contribution to the team’s winnings. He stayed around as assistant coach for the 2008-2009 season, coached squirt hockey at North-East Illinois and has been assistant coach at Fenwick recently while earning credits towards a teaching certificate.

Ben Waldron of Forest Park and Jenny Miller of Pfugerville, Texas will soon be Mr. & Mrs. They announced their engagement recently and we wish them years of happiness. The couple met at Concordia University in Texas and both will be youth pastors in their church.

A frequent visitor and brief resident of Forest Park was John Mella, known for his devotion to the written word and tireless pursuit of literary excellence, left us in death last week. John achieved many literary honors during his rather brief life, including a variety of awards from the Illinois Arts Council. John taught at local colleges, had an encyclopedic knowledge of English and American poetry. Mr. Mella founded the poetry magazine “Light,” a publication of light, but deep often humorous poetry. John Mella will be sorely missed by many.

Keep sending those books to the library for the June sale. Remember, no magazines or encyclopedias. Paperbacks and DVD’s are welcome. Children’s books are in special demand.

Treat yourself to a short trip out to Oak Brook and the Peabody Estate on 31st Street, west of route 83. There is an outstanding art exhibit going on there until the end of April.

And here comes May! Happy birthday to Anne Childs, Art Grams, Annette Pardun, Jon Olmsteed, Cindy Fischer, Kamiyah Lara, Kyle Littlejohn, Mary Monaghan, John Boy, Matt Radkiewicz, Tom Cody, Angie Ventrella, Tom Hawkins, Larry Geraci, Irene Kelso (103 years old?) Emily Fjelstad, Karen Hawkins, Kate Schultz, Alexander Zavendas and Mari Gianelli. Happy anniversary to Debbie and Bill Schaubel, Brandi and Rob Mintz and Mike and Joan Bigos.