Luecendia Reed, 73, a former Forest Park day care worker, died April 13 of a massive heart attack, according to her sister, Clara Armstrong. She was pronounced dead at Tulane University Hospital. She had recently been hospitalized for her heart condition.

Born September 6, 1930 in Woodville, Mississippi, Reed spent several years in New Orleans, Cleveland, Niagara Falls, 14 years in Forest Park, back to New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward, and then moved to Houston after she survived Hurricane Katrina. After five years in Houston, Reed finally moved back to New Orleans. She is survived by her sister Clara, daughter, Diane, three grandchildren, Kevin, Lulu and Brianna, and several great grandchildren. In full disclosure, Reed was the godmother of Wednesday Journal columnist Stan West’s twin sons, Amman and Jordan West, who are away at college. She often cared for the twins when they were infants. When they were teens, the Wests along with mom, Dr. Earlene Strayhorn and father, Stan, drove all the way from Forest Park, Illinois to make sure Reed would evacuate Katrina Weekend. She did.

“She was a great person who lived life,” said sister Clara in a phone interview, April 19. “She loved Amman and Jordan like they were her own. It made her SO proud when she was asked to be their godmother. Additionally, she got a big kick out hearing how without a tuxedo the twins’ daddy, Stan, who was covering the Mardi Gras for the Wednesday Journal, snuck into Harry Connick Jr.’s party during the Lundi Gras,” Clara said. “She almost killed herself laughing!” Funeral services have been held.