Forest Park police identified the male and female suspects arrested in connection with the shooting of a Bellwood man on Saturday, April 28 at 2:50 p.m. in the 7-Eleven parking lot after luring him with a promise to return his lost cellphone.
Gregory Hych, 33, of 841 Dunlop, and Kenesha Sheridan, 21, of Chicago were charged with attempted first degree murder, aggravated battery with a firearm and obstructing justice.
The male subject was said to have a chipped tooth, and police identified Hych as a potential suspect.

“We’ve known him for a long time,” said detective Sgt. Mike Keating. “When we heard the description that he had a chipped tooth it was consistent with this guy.”

Hych was subsequently identified in a lineup by a female companion of the victim, who had witnessed the shooting. The female subject had been described as in her 20s with bleach-tipped braids.
Police staked out Hych’s residence Sunday night and arrested him when he got out of a taxi and walked in the driveway. Sheridan was also arrested. Neighbors said police presence was noticed Sunday at the corner of Dunlop and York where a run-down ranch house has been the scene of several drug busts.
Police said Hych found the cellphone on a parkway in Bellwood on Saturday. When the victim called his own phone, a male voice answered and offered to return the phone if they could meet at the 7-Eleven. When the victim arrived, Hych demanded $100 for its return. The two argued and Hych allegedly shot the victim in the throat with a silver revolver during the argument and he and Sherian allegedly fled southbound on Desplaines Avenue.
Police said the cellphone and the revolver were recovered in the arrest.
The victim remains in critical condition at Loyola University Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit with a bullet wound to the neck and serious internal injuries.

Jean Lotus

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