Rep. Karen May (D Highland Park) is sponsoring a bill that would force disabled people who have no choice but to drive and who park in downtown Chicago to pay for hourly parking.

How is forcing the real disabled to pay for nine hours of parking five days a week going after those who abuse the system?

I rode the CTA for 33 years until my arthritis got so bad I couldnft climb or go down the stairs at the CTA stations. I also couldnft walk the distance to get to and from the station. So I drove with my placard every day for eight months until I retired. I had no choice but to park at a meter near work. There are no disabled spaces downtown and no parking garages near work.

At $3 to $5 an hour I couldnft afford to pay for metered parking every day. Thatfs $27 to $45 PER DAY!!! $100 to $200 A WEEK!

Maybe thatfs ‘chump change” for a State Rep, but not for working people. So your clever idea is because SOME people are cheating, ALL honest disabled people must pay?

Thanks a lot retiring Democratic Rep. Karen May. I guess if youfre from Highland Park paying the downtown rates is no problem.

Art Kazar
Forest Park