A woman who had her 2011 stainless steel Chevy booted while in the Village Hall parking lot allegedly drove into the legs of the officer booting her and then backed up, causing her open car door to injure another officer standing beside the car around 4 p.m. on June 13.

The 38-year-old woman from Forest Park allegedly began to yell and swear when she observed an officer box in her car with a squad car because it was on the village “boot list.” The driver allegedly put the car in drive and attempted to flee. The booting officer was reportedly standing in front of the car at this time and the Chevy struck both of his legs below the knees. He radioed for help.

When another officer announced his office, opened her car door and attempted to put the vehicle in park, she placed the car in reverse and struck the officer in the left leg with the open driver side door. She then struck an adjacent vehicle in the parking lot. At that point, the officer unholstered his gun and “placed [the woman] at gunpoint.”

At that point the woman’s 20 year old son exited Village Hall and was ordered to stay back, but proceeded toward his mother. With reinforcements, both mother and son were arrested by Forest Park police. The woman was charged with two counts of felony aggravated battery to a police officer as well as obstructing justice, resisting arrest, vehicle violations and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. The son was charged with obstructing justice.

Disorderly conduct redux

The same woman who was arrested the previous day for striking the officers with her car was charged on June 14 with threatening a neighbor in the 7400 block of Warren Ave. around 6:40 p.m. The neighbor woman was allegedly walking home when she heard someone yelling, “Hey b$%&! Come here, and I’ll kick your ass,” and looked over to see the 38-year-old woman sticking her middle finger upward. The neighbor had called police previously about her belligerent neighbor. When a police officer came to the door of her home, the woman refused to open the door and swore at him. She was warned that she would be arrested if she continued to harass her neighbor.

Selling pirated DVDs

Police entered the Pines tavern at 7412 Harrison St. around midnight on June 16 while looking for underage drinkers and found a man selling bootlegged DVDs of current movies now in theaters spread out along a booth and table at the restaurant. Some of the DVDs included “Snow White and the Huntsmen,” “Battleship,” “The Avengers,” “MIB3” and “Prometheus.” Police recovered a red suitcase containing 103 pirated DVDs and 25 “adult” movies. They arrested the 63-year-old Chicago man and charged him with unlawful use of recorded sound or audio visual recording on behalf of the Motion Picture Association of America.

Intoxicated woman throws cookies at officer

Police arrested a 30-year-old Forest Park woman on June 13 around 6:40 p.m. in the lobby of an apartment building in the 200 block of Circle Avenue. The woman was allegedly repeatedly ringing the doorbell, acting belligerently and swearing and demanding the whereabouts of a tenant of the building. She allegedly first flicked a lighted cigarette at a building resident and then flung a package of artificially flavored vanilla wafer cookies at a police officer in a manner described as “quite deftly,” striking the officer in the chest. The officer reported that the “highly accurate” throw did not harm him.

The woman was told she was under arrest for battery and ordered to put her hands behind her back. She refused several commands and two officers forcefully handcuffed her. She allegedly resisted being put in a squad car and kicked the officers who were trying to restrain her. At the station, she allegedly refused to enter the cell and was generally obstreperous. She was charged with a single count of battery and resisting. The cookies were inventoried for future use in court.

These items were obtained from the records of the Forest Park Police Department, June 13-18, and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Unless otherwise indicated, anyone named in the report has only been charged with a crime.

-Compiled by Jean Lotus