There was a loud crowd at the rookie game between the Forest Park Rangers and Phillies on Saturday, June 16.

The Rangers started off with six runs in the first. They also scored in the second on a home run by Taf John Johnson. TJ had a big game with two home runs and a double and also made two huge catches at short. The Phillies found five runs in the fourth, with a nice hit from Gavin Liesse sending three runners home. The next inning, his teammate Richy Cassiani made a tough stop on a ball up the middle and made a nice throw to Gavin at first. The Phillies continued to shorten the lead in the fifth with some strong hitting by Gavin.

But the rally was stopped by a great play by Morgan Reckamp. She scooped a grounder at second and threw the runner out at first. The Phillies also showed tremendous defense in the fifth on a double play started by Mikey Racanelli. Mikey stepped on third and made a perfect throw to first. After holding the Rangers to one run in the sixth, the Phillies had their rally caps on looking for hits. Nicky Tricocifs towering two-run triple helped bring in their last three runs but it wasnft enough. The final score was Rangers 26 Phillies 22.