In a lightning-fast village council meeting lasting less than a quarter of an hour, Mayor Anthony Calderone shot down a request by Commissioner Chris Harris for more information about a recent meeting between the mayor and Fenwick representatives about the Altenheim property.

As the Monday night village council meeting was ending, and a motion to adjourn had been moved and seconded, Harris spoke up when the mayor asked for discussion. “Mayor, I’m a little disappointed. I was waiting to hear a word or two on your meeting with Fenwick a week and a half ago,” said Harris.

“We have a motion to adjourn on the table and once we’ve adjourned we’re adjourned and we won’t be discussing any business,” said Calderone. “I distributed copies of Robert’s Rules of Order so all the elected officials could use it as a resource to become familiar with decorum of the way procedures are handled at meetings.

“To bring up an issue in the middle of a motion, not germane to the motion – is absolutely out of order, completely out of order and with that the chair is going to rule that it’s out of order and take up the motion to adjourn,” said Calderone. The village meeting then ended, 12 minutes after it began.

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