The superintendent of the Proviso high schools is going to figure out a way to bring the absurdly expensive school hearing officer process in-house and save some taxpayer money. The long-time PR flack for the both the district and its political board president Chris Welch gets the message and decides she won’t continue her insanely lucrative independent contractor featherbed for another year. The state will decide if taxpayers should pay $1,000 to send school board members to a golf outing run by a Proviso power player.

All three of these initiatives at Proviso go grindingly against the insider pay-up and pay-off mode Welch has embedded in schools he once ran. Now, with added powers from the state, the Financial Oversight Panel is taking a bigger lead in running Proviso schools and insiders like the superintendent are finally getting the message that through the FOP they are working for taxpayers and not hacks like our new state rep, Chris Welch.