Deepest sympathy to Ralph Clarke, his wife Rosa and children Adam and Elizabeth on the death of their mother/grandmother, Marguerite Clarke. Marguerite and her husband, Ralph were longtime residents of River Forest before relocating to the Lutheran Home in Arlington Heights. Marguerite was a musician and composer who, among other works, wrote an opera based on Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology a few years ago. This opus was performed at the 19th Century Charitable Association.

Carl Dali is an interesting character. If you’ve seen him around town, you’ll never forget him. He is an accomplished musician who once performed with Bob Marley and other groups whose names I didn’t recognize. Mr. Dali is on his way to perform with a Jamaican group, Muta Baruka, in the Caribbean Festival of Life, a division of Music International. He is a masseur, a gardener, a chef and who knows what all. Carl adds some bright color to the tapestry of Forest Park.

From way-out-west we heard from Mary and Paul Tagliola, now living in Boulder, Colo. Mary is from River Forest and Paul from Forest Park. They’ve been married 49 years. Paul was among the first boys to play Little League in Forest Park when it was introduced 60 years ago in 1952.

“He still talks about how good it was for him to have Forest Park baseball in his young life,” Mary wrote. “Bob Dowd [also among the first crop of Little Leaguers] was his best friend growing up in FP, and he was severely injured in Vietnam, later dying at a very young age. We moved to Boulder from the east coast in 1968, started our own electronic parts business in 1972.” Both sons played baseball growing up, she writes. “Michael Tagliola, 48 years old, played here in Boulder on local teams and played football at Princeton. Joseph Tagliola, 46 years old, went to Duke on a scholarship, played outfield.”

Frisky Dog will again sponsor a Huge Adoption Event and Open House on Sunday, June 24 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. You’re invited to join the festivities and help our several deserving shelters and their dogs. You are free to roam the indoor and outdoor play areas and allow your dog to run and play if you are considering adoption. The Frisky Dog is located at 9216 W. 47th in Brookfield 60513, phone 708-290-1056 or try

Chris Hollander is working in a senior care center in Beijing, China! His brother Tim is in Mexico working with younger people. Mary and Rick Hollander are looking forward to Christmas when the boys will come home with lots of stories to tell.

Happy anniversary to John and Diane Rice on July 11 and also to Ramy and Carl Tellarovic, and happy birthday this week to Keegan Brown, Peggy Grams, Lisa Kowalski, Adam Powers, Tyler Lipsi, Mike Martinski, Nick Martinski, Minnie Maxwell, Cheryl Jargstorf, Brian Casey, Terry Rusk, Laura Hodges, Grant Neubeiser, Ruth Loyd, Anthony Huynh, Carol Smith, Chris Cody, Lester Nixon, AugieAleksy, Dorothy Hatch, Daniel Stroth, Sammy Marino, Michael Bloch, Rick Krieger, David Pardon, Joanne Locati, Jerry Pinotti, Gene Mull, Katie Murray McElligott, Marilyn Trainor and Joshua Villarubic-Olfay.