The Forest Park Farmers’ Market, which takes place Friday afternoons 3:30 to 7:30 in “The Grove” picnic area (7824 Madison Street) is in its third year and offers a great line-up of vendors this year. Many people may not even know Forest Park has a Farmers’ Market, and that’s part of the problem. I am a Forest Park resident and also a vendor at the Forest Park Market, although my support for the market extends far beyond my own involvement. When this iteration of the market started three years ago, I was so happy! I love Farmers’ Markets in general and think every community should have one. I also saw the existence of the Farmers’ Market as an indication that Forest Park is the kind of community I like to live in. I know many Forest Parkers share this enthusiasm for the market.

However, I fear that the future Forest Park Farmers’ Market is in danger. To put it simply, while many people support the market in theory, there is a lack of people who actually visit and buy things there. The Village of Forest Park has done a great job putting the market together this year. The vendor line-up is great (several fresh veggie vendors, cheese, bread, desserts, soap, meat, honey and maple syrup) and there’s weekly musical entertainment and always bargain priced gourmet grilled food fare sold to benefit the Forest Park Food Pantry. All we need is the community support and customers to make it worth everyone’s while.

I know I’ve seen some of my favorite Forest Park businesses put up their “store closing” signs and I’ve thought to myself “Oh how sad, if I had known they were struggling I would have made more of an effort to shop there.” This letter is an attempt to give people chance to support the market before the “closing” sign is hung. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Tell us why you do or don’t visit the market or get involved to help save the market by visiting

Jessica Rinks, Purple Leaf Farms
Forest Park