Sympathy to Lois Calderone and her family on the death of Audrey Fosco, their mother. She will be missed.

Here’s Paul Nelson enjoying one of his home-grown green beans while on duty at Schauer’s. Paul will answer your questions concerning home maintenance, etc., during the day. Then after a hard day’s work at the store, he goes home to tend his amazing garden, flourishing and green. Paul has been giving away bags of beans to his fellow workers at Schauer’s. He also has a fine crop of tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and more.

Also at Schauer’s, welcome to new employee Sylvia Wilson, who came to us from Oklahoma some time ago. Sylvia is a friendly, attractive young woman who is a welcome addition to the staff.

While we’re welcoming newcomers, let’s give a hearty welcome to Dave Pierini, our official new photographer for the Wednesday Journal, Forest Park Review, Landmark, etc. He took the amazing circus tent photo on today’s front page.

Congratulations to Emily Fitzgerald, who took the first step in becoming a Boilermaker by participating in the annual pre-college STAR program at Purdue.

On Sunday August 26 at 2 p.m., author Steve Johnson’s work, Ghost Map, London’s Cholera Epidemic, will be discussed at Centuries and Sleuths. But the big item in the future is the Meeting of Minds XVIII, Nov. 2-3 at 8 p.m each night. Augie Aleksy will be the moderator as the great mystery writers, Rex Stout, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Craig Rice interact. Writers will be portrayed by William Sawich, John Cline, Brendan Riley and Carol Hauswald.

Thumbs up to John Rice on his recent column about fences. If you have dogs who tend to run off, you do need a fence. But privacy fences are an abomination. Years ago, neighbors could watch the little kids grow, and neighbors could spend a few minutes each day chatting with each other. Even an occasional wave cemented friendships. Privacy fences put an end to all that.

Happy anniversary this week to Jon and Letitia Olmsted, Mary and Ron Moravec, Hafid and Sihan Hamadene, Melissa and Anthony Tureck. Happy birthday to Raysel Gist, Jacob Marchetti, Kamryn Edwards, Bonnie Cimiglia, Candi Manois, Leslie Kelley, Wilma Haley, Hazel Rossi, Madelyn Entler, Colleen Cassiani, Tiffany Cassiani, Donna Chan, Ben Grappa, Milady Gerger, Bethany Hawkins, Matt DeCosola, and Brandi Mintz.

Congratulations to Derrick Gist who never gave up. Many years ago he broke his leg and consequently lost his job at Rush Oak Park Hospital. By the time the leg healed, his position had been given to another. Derrick applied everywhere for work. He took computer courses at the library. Finally after many years, he found work at Popeye’s!