We admire Commissioner Mark Hosty for taking responsibility Monday for the delay in producing pretty basic monthly financial reports for his fellow commissioners. Commissioner Rory Hoskins had taken the village to task in a letter to the Review last week for the lack of financial information over multiple months.

Hosty took an unnecessary shot at Hoskins – calling his letter “cowardly and political” – during his mea culpa at Monday’s meeting. We think Hoskins point was proper and we puzzle over Hosty’s explanation of the delay. New department head, working through the last fiscal year end close, needing to balance one $60 item vs. an $80 item, etc.

As always this brings us back to the absurdity of the commissioner form of government. Why is Mark Hosty trying to balance the village’s check register? Why is Rory Hoskins overseeing public health and safety? Isn’t all this Village Administrator Tim Gillian’s job? It makes no sense to us. Never has. Never will.