The Love Bug is busy over at Schauer’s Hardware. This Saturday, September 15, 2012, Jessica Josetti will become the wife of Henry Leonard. The wedding and reception will take place in Elmwood Park.

In a few weeks Jennifer Garrity will become a Mrs. too. Word about that appeared a few weeks ago. But we’ll remind you again the week of the wedding.

Neil Scarpelli is doing his patriotic duty by keeping the rock and the plaques clean and shiny in the park at Thomas & Adams. The bronze plaque is made of copper and tin and turns brown. Muriatic acid from Schauer’s along with some baking soda seems to do the trick at cleaning it up. The rock is granite in case anyone is wondering. From time to time you can see Mr. Scarpelli out there doing his patriotic labor of love.

Welcome to Forest Park to newcomers Alisha and Nick LoBello and daughter Molly. Originally from the south, they gradually worked their way up north and now Nick is working at the University of Chicago. The LoBellos have already found the Oak Park famers market.

Watching the recent conventions on television, I was reminded of the old, old days when each political party gathered on a hot summer night and decided AT THE CONVENTION who each candidate would be. We at home would sit on our screened in back porch and listen on into the night. There was much suspense as each state polled its delegates and cast votes individually. The first round usually gave a number of votes to each state’s “favorite son.” The counting was endless. The little delegation from Puerto Rico always demanded that their delegation be polled -3 delegates! But Puerto Rico got a big laugh from the crowd and those three delegates got their fifteen minutes of fame (and then some). Sometimes these conventions went on for days and days, as I recall. Nothing was pre-determined and nothing was air conditioned. Does anyone else remember those days?

Wrong spouse: It’s not Dorothy Spinelli who’s celebrating her 100th birthday this year. She’s a youthful 96. It’s her husband Angelo who’s hitting the centennial mark. Congratulations. The two have been married for 75 years.

Birthday greetings to Brian Foley, Adam Goetz, Alyssa Neff, Bridget Woods Dowdle, Jodi Gianakopoulis, Alexander Bafetti, Nick Spanvello, Maureen Harnett, Dee Galbraith, Debbie Doss Morris, Lucy Gianelli, Laura McDermott, Hunter Fanzant, Dan Lala, Brendan Miranda, Ariel Weis Neth. On the 17th of September, Ben and Millie Spinelli will celebrate FIFTY TWO YEARS OF MARRIAGE! Congratulations! Guy and Katie Macino will also celebrate an anniversary this week.