The life of Forest Park seems to revolve around Schauer’s Hardware. Two weeks ago it was Jennifer‘s wedding and the return of Don Webster. This week it’s Paul Nelson who was hit by a car on his way to lunch – right at the corner of Beloit and Madison. That is a very busy corner since many people seem to be on their way to that store. One customer remarked they should have one of those lighted stop signs on that corner, one like the stop sign on the Mayor’s corner!

A customer who, we hope, will never get hit by a car at that spot or any other spot, is Lester Nixon. Lester is blind in his right eye and he never crosses anywhere but at a stop light.

Cindy and Ray Fischer are proud to announce the engagement of their daughter, Jenny to Matthew Bulow. They’ll probably be married in 2014 in a quaint little woodland church in Missouri. But, sadly, Cindy and Ray may be moving to Missouri, too.

Get your dollar bills ready for Kiwanis Peanut Day, Sept. 28. All contributions support Forest Park charities, mostly kids’ activities.

In spite of the rain Friday afternoon, a commercial was being filmed at Jimmy’s Place on Madison Street.

Are you ready for the Casket Races on Oct. 27? TJ (our beloved fireman) built the Chamber’s casket – the prototype – and put his heart and soul in to it … and did an amazing job! Here’s a picture of him trying the casket on for size. Private individuals are welcome to participate, not just businesses.

As long as the CSO is on strike, why not drive up to Dominican University, next door in River Forest, and listen to our local symphony orchestra, The Symphony of Oak Park-River Forest. Whew! With such a long name as that, they’ve got to be good. The symphony will perform Sunday, Sept. 30 at 4 p.m. Most of the members of the orchestra are professional musicians, so you really get your money’s worth.

Ignacio Vargas is a great man who didn’t let something like a stroke slow him down. Mr. Vargas got himself a three-wheeler bike with a big basket on the back and pedals all around town, shopping, visiting friends, whatever.

Nancy and Phil Robinson and the Sons of Norway want to remind us that Oct. 7 is Leif Erickson Day. The Norwegians in our midst are planning big celebrations for that day. At 12:30 there will be a special presentation at the Norwegian Memorial Church, 2614 N. Kedzie in Chicago. This is being sponsored by the Norwegian National League. Another prominent Forest Park Norwegian is Judy Arnold who was an Amundsen before she became Mrs. Arnold.

Please forgive the omissions, etc. It’s been a bad week. My car was stolen, later ticketed (even though the theft had been reported), impounded, and I was told to go to the pound at 701 N. Sacramento to get it)! Thanks to Milan at State Farm, things seem to be straightening out, but there were many anxious moments. Advice: Do not give unsolicited advice.

Happy birthday to Sydney Mangiaracina, Roy Sansone, Laura Zimmer, Michael Clifton, Kimberly O’Shea, Abigail Childs, Lou Thompson, Mary Ann Murray, Jason Almeroth, Pat Falbo, Candy Kowarguh, Sawyer Paeth, Diane Rice, and Sheryl Neff. Happy anniversary to Bridget and Bob Dowdle, Lori and Jim O’Shea, Tina and Gary Neubeiser.