Congratulations and a big THANK YOU to the young people of the St. Bernardine Youth Group who volunteered their time and energy to sell peanuts for the Kiwanis last Saturday. There were many more kids than these shown here. We will get their names for you as soon as possible.

For the sentimentalists among us, here is the last photo of Ed O’Shea’s office on Madison Street. The law office has moved down the block to a smaller location. The old space is soon to be part of Madison Street Shoes. Dan Scollard and Jim Ford are standing right where Ed’s office was.

Dan and his wife Rebekah are the parents of a baby girl. Hannah Scollard was born Sept. 8. She joins her siblings, Kal and Ava.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Maryann Murray, Sept. 26. Sorry for the omission. Maryann is now teaching English as a second language.

Speedy get well wishes to Jerry Webster who underwent yet another angioplasty procedure last week. He’s recovering nicely, thank you for asking.

You may want to mark Sunday, Oct. 21, on your calendar if you are a lover of great music. Opus Three Piano Trio will perform at St. John Lutheran Church, 305 Circle, at 4 p.m. You will hear the world premiere of Turkish composer Utku Asuruglu’s, What’s Up, Vivaldi? for viola, cello and piano. More on this later.

A reminder of the Leif Erickson Day celebration on Oct. 7 at Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church, 2614 N. Kedzie in Chicago. That church is a Chicago landmark and a very beautiful one. If you have spent any time at Logan Square, you have seen it and probably wondered about it. Now is your chance to get inside. It all begins at 12:30. Get there early – you used to be able to park in front of it in a parking area reserved for the church.

Now that the football season is back with us, I am reminded of the late Ruth Schmitt, English teacher at Proviso. Years ago, Ruth felt football was injurious to young men and thought it should be discouraged. She championed teaching golf in gym. A person can play into her/his 90s. How many guys are playing football even in their 30s?

Birthdays this week: Diana Rice, Sheryl Neff, Paul Jargstorf, Robert Mintz, Christina Respass, Nick Mangiaracina, Nathan Johnson, Derek Gist, Allen Latall, Jason Fabrini, Gary Almeroth, cellist Yoyo Ma, Patrick Michael O’Shea, Morgan Hosty, Todd Cote, Samantha Thiesse, Jean Schmidt, Jan Behnke, Cody Healy and Marissa Mullen. Happy anniversary to Bridget and Bob Dowdle, Jody and Sandi Tracy, Todd and Denise Marler, Karen and Tom Hawkins, Dan and Rebekah Scollard, and Karen and Craig Kurey.