At a board meeting Saturday December 8, President Augie Aleksy and Executive Director Diane Grah, along with other board members planned future 2013 HS activities and events.”Even while we look at the past, we are excited to seek new ideas and opportunities for the future.” stated, Mr. Alexi. The group is exploring ways that support and uphold the organization’s mission. That mission is to promote, preserve, and interpret the rich and unique history of Forest Park.

In conjunction with a successful launching and distribution,” just in time for Christmas”, of the popular Forest Parkopoly game, the Historical Society also initiated their Annual Appeal. “Supporting the Annual Fund is a great way for our members and friends to show that our community heritage matters.” said Diane Grah.

Other board members volunteered for new assignments and subcommittee work in archive collections, membership, publicity, fundraising, and programs. Winter work will include a field trip visit to the Edgewater Historical Society (5358 North Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60640) to tour their museum, meet their board members, look at facilities, and display in a converted firehouse. A final vote approving the organization’s charter is expected before year’s end. The HSofFP Board is also committed to construct the organization’s 2013 budget within the next 30 days.

Additional information regarding membership, the Annual Appeal, or purchasing a Forest Parkopoly game , please visit the Historical Society’s new website

The Historical Society of Forest Park’s website is still a works in progress. Board members are hoping that new Society members might like to volunteer with technical assistance with the website.