The holiday season is one of the best seasons for imbibing. Many of us are attending holiday parties, where drinks are being served, liquor gift sets are among the most well received presents at this time of the year, and, of course, there is eggnog. The following recipe is a favorite of mine. It is, as you might imagine, quite potent, so keep this one in a separate container, well away from the kiddies. You should also give your car keys to somebody if you are going to be drinking a fair amount of this.

12 eggs
1 lb powdered sugar (use 1/2
2-4 quarts of milk

1 fifth of whisky
1 pt. brandy
1/2 pt. rum
1 qt. whipping cream

Separate eggs. Beat whites ’til stiff. Mix in large bowl: stirring constantly sugar w/ egg yolks; add liquor; add milk. Whip cream; fold cream & egg whites in. Age for as long as possible. Serve w/ freshly grated nutmeg.”

More recipes on the next installment.  Cheers!