The Forest Park Review on Nov. 7, 2012 incorrectly published an obituary for Forest Parker Steven L. Hartman. Hartman, 46, it turns out, is not dead at all, but alive and living in Franklin Park. From time to time, Forest Park Review re-runs obituary information published in other sources. This is primarily when a person with local roots dies in a town far away. In this specific instance, we were alerted to an obituary published on Facebook stating incorrectly that Hartman had died at a medical center in Quincy. The obituary appeared to be copied from the Quincy Herald-Whig.

“I’m alive and well,” said Hartman by phone from his home in Franklin Park on Jan. 2. Hartman said he has no idea who could have penned the false obituary, but he also informed Facebook of the mistake.

The Review regrets the error.