National Honor Society along with Mrs. Glickman think you may have something we need: used inkjet cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics. We’d love to recycle those for you. Through our trusted greening partner FundingFactory, we can turn your recyclables into much-needed cash for graduation stoles, induction ceremonies, and club activities for National Honor Society.

As you may know, it is hard to find funding for high school clubs and activities during these economic times. National Honor Society at Proviso East High School has come across a way that we can fundraise without putting strain on the pocket books of our teachers, community members, friends and family. National Honor Society is a club dedicated to the academic, leadership, service, and character development of high achieving students at Proviso East High School. We hope that you are able to contribute to our fundraising efforts throughout the upcoming year.

Will you recycle with us? It’s easy and 100% free. We earn through the value of your used recyclables.

Our eco-friendly Business Support Program is a cinch to implement. Simply put out a few boxes to collect recyclables and spend a few minutes packing items for shipment or dropping them off to us. We can even collect them from your organization when you have items ready to be shipped. All you have to do is e-mail or call, Ashley Glickman, National Honor Society sponsor at PEHS at or (708)404-4313.

Plus, it doesn’t cost a dime. FundingFactory provides everything you need from prepaid UPS shipping to boxes and
promotional materials—all available for free by delivery or download.

It’s win-win. As a Business Supporter, you’ll have the ability to vastly increase the amount of e-waste we recycle and the amount of money we fundraise each year. Through the sustainability tools at, you can track your environmental impact and even measure the charitable difference you’re making for National Honor Society at Proviso East High School.

Become a Business Supporter today and help National Honor Society raise $1,000 for graduation stoles, induction
ceremonies, and various club activities throughout the school year. Visit to join our greening efforts or for more information.