I heard a new term recently, “nones.”

The NPR reporter defined nones as Americans who say they don’t identify with any religion.  Apparently, 46 million Americans answered “none” when the Pew Research Center asked what religion they are affiliated with.  That’s one out of every five people in this country.

An online NPR report said the nones tend to fall into one of four subsets: 1) atheists and agnostics and those who ally themselves with “nothing in particular,” 2) some who say they are spiritual or religious in some way and pray every day, 3) many say they are not even looking for religion that fits and 4) are mainly socially liberal with three-quarters favoring same-sex marriage and legal abortion.

I very much want to write a story on this phenomenon but am having a hard time finding nones to interview, so if you are a none and are willing to share with readers what brought you to this place, please email me at tomholmes10@gmail.com.



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