As a rule I haven’t the time or inclination to read your rants [Sharon Daly, Feb. 6, 2013] about the Mayor (pot and kettle Sharon, pot and kettle), but today I found myself doing so and have regretted it ever since. Nonetheless, I now feel obligated to respond. First, you should know that the typo in the Mayor’s letter was my error inasmuch that it’s my responsibility to proof the documents before going to print. I missed the typo and for that I apologize to the Mayor. Next, this paper has often criticized the Mayor and the Administration for not communicating with the masses. Have you changed your tune now? Do you not feel the issue of legalizing gambling warrants as much public feedback as possible? I suspect that if you were to view past elections, absent a Mayoral/Commissioner election year, you will find an exceedingly low turnout. Let’s face it, local elections have always had a low turnout and it’s especially the case when the election is, well, for lack of a better term, dull. The more feedback the Mayor and Commissioners have on this subject matter, the better. Would you prefer an online survey? You can pretty much eliminate all senior citizens from participating in the survey question under those circumstances. This is but one more way in which to try and gauge public opinion and cannot be construed as anything but responsible.

On the subject of the Comprehensive Plan update, clearly you have not attempted to recruit people for a cause. If you had, you would know that limiting your pool of potential candidates would result in little to no participation. Additionally, one doesn’t need a specific set of skills to participate. The Village hired a professional planning firm who has the skillset to do the technical work. We’ve seen that sort of limited qualifying participation paralyze Oak Park all too frequently. We need folks who can think and have some level of community pride. If they have a good education, then that’s a bonus but it shouldn’t be a requirement. Lastly, if not the leader of the community, who would you recommend should send letters and conduct surveys on behalf of the community? There can only be one Mayor Sharon, just so you know.

Sally Cody
Executive Secretary, Village of Forest Park