On the second Wednesday of each month, your friendly Forest Park librarians arrive at the Beacon Pub bearing pencils, paper, a scoresheet, and brains full of trivia. Masters of obscure knowledge gather in teams–The 1912 Titanic Swim Team, Ninja Brains, and so on–to compete in our monthly Pub Quiz. What’s a library doing running an event at a bar? Well, who better to put on a trivia competition than librarians? Obscure knowledge is our stock-in-trade, after all. Want to know the highest building in NYC before the Empire State was built? The name of the painting in the Forest Park Post Office? The gross export of salmon to Japan? We’ve got you covered. And if you already know any of those things…well, you’ve got a good chance to sweep the field at next month’s Pub Quiz.

There’s another reason we do it, too: to meet you all! I know a lot of people don’t spend much time at the library. You can look up a book or CD on your phone, call to have it set aside, and run in to pick it up from the front desk on your way from work to soccer practice–and that’s great! But the library is a community resource, and we can’t do our jobs unless we get out in the community.

So why not stop by the Beacon some Wednesday and say hello? Tell us how we’re doing, or how we could be doing better. Let us know what you’d like to see going on in town, and maybe we can help you out. Or  just tell us about a great book or film you’re passionate about. We’d love to see you. Cheers!

As Head of Adult Services, I oversee the classes and demonstrations, community outreach (like our homebound delivery), career and technology assistance, and--last but not least--the nonfiction books here...

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