Cub Scouts from Pack 109 help with a raffle at the Cub Scout Pancake Breakfast Feb. 23 at St. Peter's ChurchJEAN LOTUS/Staff

My wife Tracy and I attended the Forest Park Cub Scouts Pancake Breakfast in the basement of St. Peter’s Church Saturday, Feb. 23 and we were very impressed by the way it was handled. We want to compliment Jill Wagner on her Cub Scout Den and the Boy Scouts that were there too.

As President of the Historical Society, I was excited to partner with the Cub and Boy Scouts and to host the travelling Boy Scout historical display. But the event exceeded my expectations.

From the minute we walked in the door, the scouts approached us to show us to a table and would ask if there was anywhere particular place we wanted to sit. They were so pleasant and so willing to serve and please as they asked for our orders. They even offered seconds and would ask how many and what type pancakes (plain or blueberry), how many sausages and/or bacon you wanted, what type coffee (decaf or regular). Sugar and non-sugar sweetener and cream were delivered to our table. They were just so service-oriented it was fantastic.

Jerry Lordan should be complimented on the way he got it coordinated along with Diane Hansen Grah (Historical Society of Forest Park Director). The tables were placed spaciously and we felt very comfortable and not rushed. Finally, the pancakes, plain and blueberry, sausages, bacon, and coffee were all delicious. It was a wonderful event and there was a large crowd of people there (we saw Jackie Schulz, Tom Mannix, Marty Tellalian, Michael Smith (Scout Master/YMCA Board member) and many more who we recognized, but whose names we don’t remember.) It was a marvelous community event that Forest Park should be proud of and we are proud to own a business in Forest Park.

Augie & Tracy Aleksy
Owners Centuries and Sleuths Bookstore

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