Courtesy Michael O’Connor

With a decade of serving the Forest Park community, officer Michael O’Connor is taking his dedication to public service to the next level by running for a District 91 school board seat.

O’Connor has strong roots within the village of Forest Park, from his job as a police officer with the village’s Crime Free division to raising his three children with his wife as District 91 students. It’s his involvement with public safety and the school district that has fueled his passion for helping his community to improve and grow.

“I am very pleased with the District 91 schools, specifically the education that my three children are getting,” says O’Conner. “I feel that the curriculum provided is appropriately challenging and offers students additional avenues and flexibility to express their individual needs and interests, which is something I would like to help promote more broadly.”

Along with advocating for furthering the District’s progressive approach in the areas of technology and teaching methods, O’Connor is also a school safety advocate. He is committed to working on identifying areas of improvement in overall school building safety through a District-wide safety assessment.

O’Connor takes the responsibility of a school board member seriously. He believes it is the job of an elected member to listen to the needs of the community, its educators, students, faculty and staff, and the administration and to act in the best interest of the District as a whole. O’Connor’s commitment and dedication to the well-being of the village of Forest Park make him an ideal candidate for the District 91 school board seat.