I have been following the Review’s articles related to the School District 91 Board election with great interest and concern. It is clear that a new element has been introduced into this process. A village commissioner has inserted himself into this election by advancing a slate of candidates. One has to ask why Mr. Mannix has taken an interest in the school board. Does he want to assert his personal interests or agenda into the District’s governance process? Is he interested in extending his political influence in the town?

One thing is clear; there is no precedent for this effort. Each taxing body in Forest Park has a separate mission/purpose … education, recreation, or village governance. Traditionally, the elected officials of each have collaborated to serve the collective needs of its constituents while respecting the legislatively defined authority of their elected colleagues. Mr. Mannix’s behavior is inconsistent with this norm.

I am not advocating for or against any of the candidates who are pursuing election to the School Board. I applaud all who have expressed an interest in serving the interests of District 91 students. I am hopeful, however, that the statutory boundaries of the School District and the Village are not blurred as a result of the election process.

Art Jones
Kiawah Island, SC
Former District 91 Superintendent and Forest Park property owner

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