The reason I haven’t posted in over three weeks is that on March 9 a car pulled out in front of me on a highway in Wisconsin.  I was going 60 mph and hit the other driver broadside.  It was clearly the other person’s fault. 

I wound up in the emergency room in Sturgeon Bay, was driven home the next day, had home care and then on March 21 was taken to the hospital with an intestinal blockage and a swollen foot in addition to the broken heel which was treated right after the accident.

As you can imagine, that experience has given me plenty to reflect on.  I hope the postings I make in the upcoming days on my experience will be helpful as you deal with your own share of undeserved suffering.

The first thing I’d like to share is my amazement that I’m not angry at the other driver and haven’t sunken into a “poor me” feeling sorry for myself pity party.  The only explanation I can come up with is that when that car pulled onto the highway in front of me I realized that in a second or two I might be dead.

After the impact, the wind was knocked out of me and my right foot hurt a lot, but to my surprise and delight my injuries weren’t as bad as I would have imagined.  The seat belt and the air bag had done their job.  I was alive.  I remember saying that to myself over and over as the EMTs lifted me into the ambulance.  I’M ALIVE.

We’ve all heard stories about how people have come to appreciate life after having had a brush with death.  On March 9 it happened to me. 

On Easter Sunday, I had to watch a service on TV instead of being with my own congregation in person, but that didn’t matter too much.  The message of life coming out of death came through loud and clear.